Constructions Story Board Felt Creations - Felt Board

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Constructions Story Board Felt Creations - Felt Board


The Original Felt Creations Story Board

Creative play for young minds and hands!


The Construction Felt Creations set features a felt board and 29 accessories piece.

A tactile resource that is a great teaching aid, it is particularly suited for visual and kinaesthetic learning styles.

Children will love being able to move the characters and create their own story board scenes and tales.


Infinite number of stories.

Use you imagination and create a wonderful world of fantasy with Felt Creations.

Stick the felt pieces on the Feltboard and rearrange them any time.

Collect and combine different Felt Creations sets and formulate an infinite number of stories.



Felt board measures 32cm (H) x 38cm (W).

Recommended for Ages 3+