Hey Duggee Talking Duggee Soft Toy / Plush with Duggee Badge


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Hey Duggee Talking Duggee Soft Toy / Plush with Duggee Badge


Authentic Hey Duggee merchandise.


Duggee is a loveable, cuddly big dog.

He is in charge of EVERYTHING.

He makes sure the squirrels are having fun, making friends, learning things and playing games.

They go on adventures and of course, earn activity badges along the way.



- Duggee Soft Toy with lots of different "Woof Woof" sounds when squeezed.

- A Duggee Badge.


Recommended for Ages 10 months+

Measurement is 22cm (Height) x 10cm (Depth).

Average battery life is 6 months or less if constantly used.

The sound device is not replaceable once the battery is exhausted.