Peter Rabbit Card Game 36 Large Cards Peter's Pairs, Get The Set, Yucky Worms

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Peter Rabbit Card Game 36 Large Cards


Authentic Peter Rabbit merchandise.


Featuring Lots of Peter Rabbit's Friends!

36x Large Cards that can be played in 4 different games.

The games are:

- Peter's Pairs: Take turn turning over two cards to find a matching picture.

- Get The Set (2 to 4 players): Race to collect a full set of 5 cards.

- Snap: Turn over the top card from your pile and keep an eye on the matching picture pair, then shout "SNAP!"

- Yucky Worms!: Avoid getting left with Yucky Worms card.

Card measurement is 8cm (W) x 12cm (H).

Recommended for Ages 3+