Playfoam Combo - Play Foam New version of Play Dough / Putty / Play Doh

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Playfoam Combo

Just like the good-old play dough, you can squish it, shape it or smoosh it and start all over again.

The Combo 8-Pack contains: Bloobie Blue, Guishy Green, Pat It Down Purple, Oh Yeah Orange, Sparkle Twinkle Pinkle, Sparkle Ooh La La Orange, Sparkle Glitzy Green, Sparkle Ya Ya Yellow.

With Play Foam, your child will have hours of fun and be creative at the same time.

- Lightweight

- Won't stick to skin or surfaces so there is no cleanup required

- Play Foam never dries out, can be re-use over and over again

- Non-toxic

- Recommended for ages 3+