Playfoam Class Pack - Play Foam New version of Play Dough / Putty / Play Doh

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Playfoam Class Pack

Just like the good-old play dough, you can squish it, shape it or smoosh it and start all over again.

This super-sized 16-pack includes enough Playfoam for a classroom full of crafty kids.

16 giant bricks in 8 bright colours, each brick measures 18 x 12 cm.

Each colour comes in an individual zip-closed bag, and the entire set comes in a sturdy white box.

With this set, teachers have enough Playfoam for classroom crafts, party activities and more.


Includes a rainbow of colours: Bloobie Blue, Guishy Green, Pat It Down Purple, Oh Yeah Orange, Sparkle Twinkle Pinkle, Sparkle Ooh La La Orange, Sparkle Glitzy Green, Sparkle Ya Ya Yellow.

- Lightweight - Won't stick to skin or surfaces so there is no cleanup required

- Play Foam never dries out, can be re-use over and over again

- Non-toxic

- Recommended for ages 3+